Conashaugh Lakes

Our fiscal year runs from October 1st through September 30th. The membership vote for proposed dues and Board of Director elections takes place annually on the last Saturday of September. Ballots and proxies are mailed in August. If you do not receive a mailing by September 1st, please contact the CLCA Office.

All properties have on lot septic and wells. Maintenance of wells and septic systems are the responsibility of each property owner.  

For information regarding tenant occupied properties, please refer to the Realtor section of this website. 

All property sales require a resale packet. 


CLCA 2018/2019 Dues


Unimproved Lot

Contiguous Lot

Rental Properties
(fees in addition to annual dues)

Rental Fee
250.00 (per tenancy)

Rental Escrow

Gate Cards
(one card per vehicle registered to property)

Gate Cards

Gate Cards             
Members are permitted one gate card per vehicle registered to household

Associate Gate Cards $25.00
(Maximum of 2 per household for persons
not living in household)

Lost Card Replacement          

Capital Improvement Fee Due at Closing


MasterCard, Visa and Discover accepted. Please note there is a $4.00 per transaction charge for credit and debit card payments. 

Returned checks $30.00 fee per occurrence. After two occurrences, checks will no longer be accepted.




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