Do I need a permit for?

Tree removal: yes
Deck new or replacement: yes
Addition to home: yes
Replacement of roof: yes
Fence: yes
Swimming pool: yes
Hot tub: yes
Paint exterior of house: yes
Shed: yes
Garage: yes
Major landscaping project: yes
* The above is a partial list. Permit applications can be found on the forms page of the website Additional permits may be required from Dingman Township.

Is trash and recycling picked up from my home?

Trash is not picked up curbside. All residents must deposit their trash in the compactors located by the maintenance yard. Recycling only is deposited in the recycle bins located in the mailbox area.


Where can I take large trash items such as appliances, furniture, construction debris, carpeting and electronics?

The community holds dumpster day two times per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Dates are posted in community. There are also dumps where you may bring items. Another option is to rent a dumpster from a local trash hauler.

Do I have to separate recycling?

We have single stream recycling and separation of items is not required. Please flatten all boxes and do not deposit plastic bags or Styrofoam in the recycling bins. 

Can I have my driveway paved?

Yes, but before setting a date for the work to be completed, please contact the office for a no cost inspection to determine whether you will need to replace or install a culvert pipe. 

Can I burn on my property?

Yes, but before doing so please obtain a burn permit application from the office. The permit needs only to be obtained once, however, you must contact security 570-686-1130 and leave a message each time you burn. Include your name, address, date and time. You must also contact the Pike County Communication Center at 570-296-7700 and alert them that you are burning. Avoid burning during extreme dry weather or windy conditions. Always use a burn barrel or fire ring and never burn directly on the ground and be considerate of your neighbors. The burning of trash is prohibited.